“Clean on board” statement on the Bill of Lading; It is the inscription of the carrier firm that the number of the goods is complete and in good condition.
In order to remedy this situation, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has introduced a new arrangement with UCP 600 (UNIFORM CUSTOMS AND PRACTICE for Documentary Credits). In order to make this arrangement, in consensus, it restructured the use of the phrase “Clean on board”. This issue is expressed in Article 27 of UCP 600 as follows;

“The need for a letter of credit on the” clean on board “clause, even the word” clean “, has to be stated in a transport statement. Therefore, it is not a question of reserve beating because of the lack of writing.

If it is still required to write under these conditions, the Word document should be downloaded and the required gaps of the text should be filled in the corporate letterhead, signed by the authorized person in the company signature circular, and sent by mail/fax.